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Vanlife Anyone?

I was reading a post on FB about a lady in our community living in her car.  Obviously a lot of people are feeling sorry for her, but apparently she does not want to be helped.  According to some she is quite happy where she but occasionally gets rude when someone comes and offer help.  Some say she has a mental health problem, but some knowing her claims that is not true.  I wish I could just sit down with her and have an interview with her. Not invading her privacy or make her feel that I might be from some charity organization trying to get her off the street, I just want to know what makes her want to live like that. Deep down in myself, and I am sure many others, we also want to live a simple life.  But is it a simple life or circumstances that drove her to that? There are so many web stories about people living in vehicles.  Usually it is nicely kitted out vans where people travel around and live a simple life.  Some work from their vans and every time they post something on

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